Update 23rd may

Updated: 3 days ago

Hey lovers I hope you have been enjoying the sun 🌞 where you are, it’s becoming a little bit more relaxed in terms of more shops opening here in London but the streets are still nice and quiet, people are still taking precautions “cos the Rona don’t joke“ stay healthy 🙏🏾 let’s hope all will be better sooner rather than later, I think it will “money don’t joke either“

I’ve been recording as usual and I just keep making songs, I promise I’m gonna stop, il save the rest for something I’m obsessed,

Check out the new a logo T-shirt printed by WoodRuffPrintCo released soon 😁

I’m gearing up to announce the mixtapes release in the next 2 weeks, soooo the next update WILL be the release date whew yep Lol

I don’t have a title yet, I had one then forgot it, I’m pissed, I shall find another

Love and positive vibes




London UK

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