update13th may

Hey guys hope your all good, London’s Coronavirus situation seems to be calming down a little so things are a tiny bit more relaxed but not really, I’m actually feeling calm staying home recording and playing on the web 🤫 I can’t wait for the bars and events to be back on again, things are moving so slowly on the streets, I’ve recently joined ticketco a streaming platform that enables online shows, I’m really excited about live streaming with as few technical glitches as possible so watch out for some live performances coming to you soon

The new merchandise is on its way, yes I know i have been yapping on about the new logo T-shirt’s for a few weeks now there Finally being printed by @woodruffprintco

Check them out on Instagram and hope to be in the online shop by 30th may 🤞🏾

oh The new Mixtapes 🔥 I might release it in a couple weeks I only need to think of a title 🤔

Stay Safe, help if you can, mind your business, and calm down 😬



London UK

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