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daniel Craig no inheritance - what would you do if you made a whole lotta money would you leave it for your children or not? And would not leaving any money to your children mean we have less dicks in charge of things they are not passionate about and less unhappy rich people

or do you think he hates his children?

i personally would but I would also incourage hard work, I don’t think enough of rich people do, laziness is a sin

James Bond ends itself -

is this forward thinking or are black women again being labelled as strong and independent,

when and where will black women be showed as gentle and vulnerable

i myself think they should end the whole franchise, we have many representations of strength, black women are not monolithic they’ve made enough money selling the black women experience, heightened in the media over the last few years

Have a chill day and check out one of favourite books by Paulo Coelho - the alchemist, it’s a great inspirational read that will abolish the spirit of laziness

work hard, play with love


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Hey just wanted to give all supporters a heads up I will be closing this website in the next few months, it’s been fun presenting you all with original music and rants but it’s time to move on to othe