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Behind the Music

Deesense started her career as a voyeur of rock, pop and hip hop in the late 1990s and had over 10 years experience working as a songwriter. 

As a child she wrote songs with friends while playing in small bands but truly began her artistic journey writing short stories and poetry to then ranting words in bars about subjects that inspired her like relationships, emotion and class, she gives a unique perspective of a black woman of west African origin born and raised  in London evident in her own music creations

 I create "poetic hip hop music' I like to express and show the beauty in the simplest tasks and most difficult situations,

the deesense sound is distinct but also very familiar. Deesense has worked on variety of songs  with several producers artists and songwriters globally over the years , I have showcased all forms of my art on platforms such as BBC, songwriting with renowned professional and upcoming independent artists, producing my own songs for release, performing live, working one to one and  with artists online as well as my own published poetry


Passionate  about making great songs, I love to merge edgy rock style lyrics of the 90s, 90s hip hop assertive certainty with the sensitivity and paranoia of 2021, I use this formula to tell stories on any subject matter or genre to deliver exciting fresh urban songs, I enjoy writing for others and like working with other artists with a familiar vibe



South east London born emerging hip hop artist Deesense delivers a unique type of vocal expression on self produced and indie producer

instrumentals her latest release titled only games’ originally released on 30th July 2021 titled ‘Dirty Games’ (dirty mix) is a laid back lyrically pleasing edgy love song about a complicated relationship between lovers. The original mix titled ‘only games’ is released on the 27th august.

 Deesense performs original songs merging edgy rock style lyrics of the 90s, 90s hip hop assertive certainty with the sensitivity and paranoia of 2021

Deesense performs live as a solo artist as well as with a full live band using live and digital instruments