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Behind the Music

South east London born emerging poetic hip hop artist Deesense delivers a unique type style in her upcoming EP Black Issues with undertones of global eclectic sounds, big drum beats, simple melodies and lyrics with resonating subject matter. Deesense was in the studio discovering sounds having conversations just living life while self producing experimental releases in 2019 as well as releasing music for her digital beat dig series which again will continue in 2020, you will hear a more solidified sound produced by Deesense as well as releases by indie producers globally 
 The year 2020 is promised to be full of unique sounds and visuals, with a closer look at Deesense the person 
 Deesense is a lover of high art, low art and all in between using indie producer beats to create fresh songs as well as producing her own songs. Deesense music is a collection of observations of life as a single black female