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Behind the Music

i started my career as a writer being a voyeur of rock, pop and hip hop in the late 1990s, I have had over 10 years experience working as a songwriter.


As a child i wrote songs with friends while playing in small bands but truly began my artistic journey writing short stories and poetry to then ranting words in bars about subjects that inspired me such as relationships, human emotion and social diversity, i give my perspective of the world i live in as a black woman of west African origin born and raised  in south east London, Charlton 

 I create "poetic hip hop music' I like to express and show the beauty in the simplest tasks and most difficult situations,

My sound is distinct but also very familiar. I have  worked on variety of songs  with several producers artists and songwriters globally over the years  


I have showcased all forms of my art and have progressed to what i call poetic hip hop kinda like romancing the stone energy 

As the sound evolves vibe out it gets trippy sometimes, this is the hub where music, visuals, merchandise and live shows are announced  by Deesense