Behind the Music

South east London born self professed poetic hip hop artist deesense delivers a unique type style in EP Black Issues with undertones of global eclectic sounds, big drum beats, simple melodies and lyrics with resonating subject matter. West African rooted Artist deesense started her career as a voyeur of rock, pop and hip hop in the late 1990s, as a child she wrote songs with friends but truly began her artistic journey writing short stories and poetry to then ranting words in bars about subjects that inspired her like relationships, emotion and class, she gives a unique perspective of a black woman living in London, evolving

in to a writer, vocalist and performer creating poetic hip hop music combining her love for expressive rants, beats, modern society and a global community. 

The deesense sound is distinct but is also very familiar. "I produce music to not only challenge your way of thinking but mine,

I write and record lyrics constantly,

Appreciating and celebrating the light and the dark in song is romantic to me, It's a release turning what seems to be ugly or troublesome into something that inspires people into a positive direction.

Making music is very satisfying, I do it because I feel like it and I love sending messages to the world, I honestly strive to make hits"

deesense will release a mixtape this summer continuing her digital beat dig series creating new music using hand picked indie producer beats, expanding the deesense brand so the sounds can reach a further and the messages are heard clearly

"smiles and tears"



London UK

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